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Film Review : Coronavirus Ad- Stay Home

It has been close to 2 years since the global pandemic hit the pause button in our lives. For months after the deadly novel Coronavirus was discovered, countries went into lockdown to make people stay at home and increase social distancing to flatten the curve. Our lives were changed overnight and transferred within our homes. While this complete transformation in lifestyle was overwhelming to say the least, the world had to adjust in order to address the challenges resulting from the pandemic.

This substantial importance of staying home during a pandemic has been shown in the Coronavirus Ad film, ‘Stay Home’ in a simple way for people of all ages to understand. Directed by I-Jien Jane Kou, this one-minute, animated short film is a modest, unpretentious story of a little boy and his dog. As the pandemic starts raging and people are not following the new safety guidelines, the latter passes away due to the negligence of some careless individuals. Made during the onset of the Covid restrictions last year, ‘Stay Home’ sends out a profound message to people about how staying home during a global pandemic can save their lives and also the lives of their loved ones.

Director I-Jien Jane Kou, a software engineer by profession, is on a quest to un-nerd herself to pursue the true meaning of life and happiness, and ‘Stay Home’ is a step in that quest. Via this film, she tries to raise awareness amongst all regarding the significance of Covid protocols. Awareness films and stories can be really powerful tools, used for spreading important messages and inspiring people to take specific actions, and I-Jien Jane Kou uses this very effectively. ‘Stay Home’ is an extremely significant film in the current scenario when the fears of a new virus variant surface every few months and people still live in fear, despite the vaccines.

A large number of people had assumed last year that all these mandates and restrictions about Covid were just an overreaction. This assumption made them neglect the protocols, resulting in humongous losses in lives. Even today the graveness of the pandemic, which has plunged an increasing number of countries into chaos, is not fully comprehended by the people at large. Hence, the significance of cautionary films like ‘Stay Home’ stays relevant in order to bring home the awareness that the adoption of strict control and prevention measures is not a threat to personal freedom, rather a matter of life and death.

Writer Biography - I-Jien Jane Kou

I-Jien Jane Kou was an software engineer who sets a quest to un-nerd herself to pursuit true purpose of life and happiness.

Director Statement:

My upcoming new Rabbit Well animation series will advocate how to follow your heart, become an attractive person and to have a happy and fulfilled life. The characters are diversify and inclusive. The story is written in varies of humors and comedies. And it will be heart felt. Just like Wizard the Oz, through the quest of un-nerd himself, the nerd will find heart, courage, and wisdom at the end.



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