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Script Review : Legends

Since time unknown, mythical stories and ancient folklores have been favorites with people of all ages. Over time, these fascinating tales and their heroes have taken the form of legends and have immensely inspired storytellers to build on these frames. ‘Legends’, written by Danny Alex, which narrates a gripping story involving both mortals and gods, have been similarly inspired by Greek Mythology.

Teaser: The story of ‘Legends’ takes place in Scandinavia, 55 years before the birth of Christ. The teaser of the episode reveals that a human bloodline of Odin, the King of all Gods, has been discovered, and now needs to be protected. Thor, the mightiest and strongest of the Gods, has been sent to protect the last of Odin’s mortal Kin. Thereafter, we see the mighty thunder God tear through the attacks of the mighty Frost Giants, Draugrs (decaying human skeletal zombies) and Dark Riders, all of whom are dark, hellish forces mentioned in the Norse Mythology. He then transforms into his human form Soren, who lives with his daughter, Tyra, the human form of Goddess Thrud.

Plot: The script shifts to the story of Dane, whose people are about to celebrate three years of peace, after being endlessly massacred in wars. Dane has four warrior daughters, Hanna, Thea, Brea and Jorunn, as well as a son, Magnus. As the story advances, we see multiple villages under Dane’s reign being rampaged and burnt by these Dark Riders, causing concern among all. As the Dark Riders attack Soren and his daughter, mistaking them for mere mortals, this intriguing story takes a phenomenal turn.

Characters: Written deftly by Danny Alex, the script of ‘Legends’ is an exciting page-turner, full of mythical creatures, gods and mortal heroes full of might. Whether it’s the powerful thunder god himself, or the beautiful but ruthless daughters of Dane, every character has been given its own nuances and fleshed out excellently.

Writer Biography - DANNY ALEX

Writing is one of two loves in my life that I have an absolute passion for. Creative writing blended with creative thinking. Emotion blended with logic. Capturing human experiences in words that invoke an emotional response from the reader.

I have worked at and created content for over 30 years from songwriting, creating online websites and content, TV commercials, and writing TV script and screenplays. I am a successful businessman and own and operate a highly successful internet and media business with annual revenues in the high seven digits. Understanding complex cost structures and the details of business is integral to any project, creative writing and scripts are no exception.

I began my creative energy in music at the age of 7, when I got my first guitar. At the age of 16, I began writing and recording songs. I continued to do so for almost 15 years. I majored in English at the University of Calgary and have applied my writing skills in a number of areas, including creative, business, and online content. I founded BRAVADA International in 2007, an internet and media company located in Los Angeles.

As a successful businessman, I understand creative writing is as much an art as it is a business. Everything must have a business case that makes sense. TV is no different. The end product must be compelling and inspire emotional investment to become successful and that means multi-dimensional characters and a gripping story filled with mystery, suspense, and the human experience.


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