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WOIFF Rules:

1. Films/videos either short or of feature-length are accepted without any production year restrictions.

2. Original scripts of any length are accepted.

3. English subtitles are must for films/videos which are not in English.

4. Scripts are accepted only in English.

5. If any open source content is used in any film/videos, the same needs to be mentioned.

6. Submission fees are non-refundable.

7. Festival's decisions are final, non-negotiable.

8. Any film/script that promotes bias against any community, faith, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation shall be disqualified.

9. Non-English films without subtitles shall be disqualified.

10. Scripts not in English shall be disqualified.

11. All information shall be on the public domain of FilmFreeway and our official website.


1) Digital Certificate and laurel for winners and official selection.

2) 400 to 500 words review for the winners in the following categories,
a) Best of WOIFF Film
b) Best of WOIFF Script

3) Special shout-outs for the winners.

4) Social media promotions for all our submitters.

Award Categories:

OWIFF Film of the Month (of any length)

OWIFF Script of the Month (of any length)

Films/Videos -

  1. Best Short

  2. Best Feature

  3. Best Documentary Short

  4. Best Documentary Feature

  5. Best Drama Short

  6. Best Drama Feature

  7. Best Sci Fi Short

  8. Best Sci Fi Feature

  9. Best Thriller Short

  10. Best Thriller Feature

  11. Best Horror Short

  12. Best Horror Feature

  13. Best Romantic Short

  14. Best Romantic Feature

  15. Best Experimental Short

  16. Best Experimental Feature

  17. Best Social Short

  18. Best Social Feature

  19. Best Women's Short

  20. Best Women's Feature

  21. Best LGBTQI+ Short

  22. Best LGBTQI+ Feature

  23. Best Comedy Short

  24. Best Comedy Feature

  25. Best Sports Film

  26. Best Inspirational Film

  27. Best Fantasy Short

  28. Best Fantasy Feature

  29. Best Animation Film

  30. Best Ad Film

  31. Best Web Series

  32. Best TV Series

  33. Best Young Adults Film

  34. Best Children's Film

  35. Best Music Video


  1. Best Short Script

  2. Best Feature Script

  3. Best Micro Script

  4. Best Romantic Script

  5. Best Thriller Script

  6. Best Drama Script

  7. Best Social Script

  8. Best Horror Script

  9. Best Sci Fi Script

  10. Best Comedy Script

Additional awards

  1. Best Actor (Single award, not dependent on the gender of the artist)

  2. Best Make-Up

  3. Best Special Effects

  4. Best Color Grading

  5. Best Director

  6. Best Directorial Debut

  7. Best Producer

  8. Best Cinematography

  9. Best Costume

  10. Best Sound Design

  11. Best Music Director

  12. Best Choreographer

  13. Best Art Director

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